BULLYLAND is a German company, founded in 1973. Bullyland designs and manufactures toys with high quality PVC Free materials, by hand painting, use of ecological products and recyclable materials, and is a member of ICTI (International Council of Toy Industries). He has collaborated with the Hannover Adventure Zoo and the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart for several years to make sure that all the figures he designs and constructs are as true and faithful to nature. The BULLYLAND figures are more than 700 characters, and they make every fantasy come true. From the Farm, the Animals of the Jungle, the Sea, the Birds and the Fish, to the Mythical Creatures (Dragons) and to the prehistoric worlds (Dinosaurs). Also the children's heroes and their favorite characters from books, television and movies are also part of the large family of BULLYLAND figures. Finally, BULLYLAND has a long-term partnership of over 40 years with Walt Disney.