TREFL is a Polish company and was founded in 1985. It is a company producing and distributing puzzles, board games, playing cards, and educational games. It is one of the largest puzzle companies in Europe.
TREFL has its own studio in which it designs and produces innovative puzzles, board and educational games. Has entered into strategic partnerships with major brands such as MATTEL, DISNEY, HASBRO, ENTERTAINMENT ONE, UNIVERSAL, DC, etc ..
For TREFL the safety and quality of the toys it produces is of the utmost importance. All TREFL products are safe. All TREFL products are made of quality materials and meet all safety standards. Each toy carries all the information about the minimum age of the child for whom the toy is intended.
Creates innovative products such as the BRICK TRICK series, which are real, genuine burnt bricks, from natural and good quality raw materials, aimed at young and old, with the aim of leading them to the world of creation, architecture and engineering, of learning, of knowledge but above all of fun.